Chinese New Year 2012

Wherever I turn I see red lanterns, mandarin oranges, cookies, bak kwa (dried marinated pork barbecued over charcoal fire) and what everybody longs to have in their hands - "ang pow" packets (red envelopes for monetary gift). Yes, the grand festivities is sweeping the town and filling the air with excitement. More excited are the office workers since a 2-day non-working holiday lies ahead after this weekend, that's 4 days of fun and freedom. *winks*

Hubby and I will spend our CNY in Kuala Lumpur, it has been 5 years since we last saw this wonderful city where we spent 2 1/2 years of our lives in, and having to bond with our friends there is something we have been looking forward to doing again.

In Singapore, there are lots of exciting activities planned for everyone to enjoy (too bad we'll miss it this year, but we'll make sure to experience CNY Singapore version next year). For those staying back in the city or those planning to come here during this CNY holidays, here are the upcoming activities to enjoy:

Chinese New Year Singapore 2012

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, do enjoy it and take care ok!

No more KODAK moments?

Have you heard the big news? Kodak - the company which invented the hand-held camera and helped bring the world the first pictures from the Moon, has filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States and expects to complete a restructure next year. The news all over the papers says that here is a risk that the company could close down after 130 years in business.

Kodak once dominated its industry, but it failed to quickly embrace more modern technologies such as the digital camera - a product it invented. Its downfall has already hit its Rust Belt hometown of Rochester, New York, with employment there falling to about 7,000 from more than 60,000 in Kodak's halcyon days.

In recent years, Kodak's focus leaned more towards consumer and commercial printers and failed to catch up with now the industry leaders - Nikon and Canon. 

This is really sad to know, as Kodak has been a household name we have all been accustomed to hearing while growing up. It did capture a lot of our special moments back in the days when film rolls were the "in" thing in photography, too bad they didn't go sooner with the flow of digital technology, and when they did, they were  too late. The photography industry giants already took most of Kodak's then market share. 

I wonder what's next for this photographic pioneer. Let's hope they can come up with a rescue solution for a business turnaround.  

Credits:  ABC News

Just do it!

Have you done your 2011 assessment? Any 2012 resolutions? Any big plans for the year ahead?

As the new year unfolds, all of us have high hopes that this year would be a better year for us than the last. We all desire to be better, happier and richer, that's for sure. It's time to do away with all the negative stuff and start positively anew. As we do that, let me share with you this inspiring poem written by Mary Anne Radmacher and a few excerpts from her book "Life Begins When You Do", hope these nuggets of wisdom will encourage us to jump right in excitingly to whatever 2012 brings: 

Walk to the edge.
Listen hard. Laugh. Play with abandon.
Practice wellness.
Continue to learn.
Choose with no regret.
Appreciate your friends.
Lead or follow a leader.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.

(Book excerpts)
Your purpose, that thing that among the many to-dos of your days, is what you must do. Embrace the truth of your purpose each minute of your precious life...for how very true it is that life begins when you do.

If you would dream it, BEGIN it.
If you have an idea, OPEN it.
If there is longing, ACKNOWLEDGE it.
If there is mission, COMMIT it.
If there is daring, DO it.
If there is love, SPEAK it.
If there is resource, USE it.
If there is abundance, SHARE it.

Hello again, Singapore!

Singapore has always been a city very dear to my heart. Hubby and I have been coming to Singapore for leisurely visits when we were staying in Kuala Lumpur many years back and have always enjoyed our every visit. What attracted us to this fascinating city is its cleanliness, orderliness, modernity and diversity in culture, food and racial mix. In each of those visits, I've always had wishful thoughts of exploring the city more and actually residing here.

Fast forward to today, and I am back again in the city I love (actually have had 2 quick trips here last year too), but this time, my wish has been granted. Hubby and I will be residing here for some time and I'm ecstatic! Though we have been to most of the tourist areas, we are more excited to explore the many other hidden gems of the city and I can't wait to tell you all about it, so just keep coming back here for updates, ok!

Have a great week ahead!

Happy New Year!

Time flies. 2012 has arrived. Let us all be thankful for all the blessings, challenges, lessons and memories of 2011.

Now, it's time to look forward with great anticipation for the awesome and cool surprises God has in store for us this year. I am excited!

Happy New Year everyone!



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