Are You A Smart Shopper?

Just got back from the grocery. Unlike most people, I love to do grocery shopping. I try to avoid going on weekends as I do not particularly like hustling it out with other shoppers, not to mention that I want my shopping to be relaxed. I do take time going through the sections to check for new stuff and bargains (this is the true attribute of a woman! my hubby couldn't agree more, good thing he's a very patient guy), but I never go to the grocery without my list of things to buy. I'm the budget conscious type so before leaving the house, I try to assess first my household / refrigerator inventory to make sure I don't miss on anything or purchase stuff I already have. I'm the "buy as needed", and not the "buy by impulse" kind of shopper.

What about you? What type of shopper are you? Are you a smart shopper? Take this short quiz to find out...

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By the way, my shopping quiz results indicated that I'm a smart shopper, that has certainly put a smile on my face =).

Credits: Thanks to FunQuiz for the quiz.


Liza said...

naku yan din ang favorite task ko, shopping for groceries. i could spend hours talaga and i check each aisle hehe.

i'm a smart shopper too, i took the quiz. i had fun, thanks ;)

Mariz said...

totoo ka sis, favorite place ko talaga groceries, i could hang out there for many hours without noticing time go by. kaya din nga kapag naggo-grocery ako, gusto ko alone ako, ayoko kse ng minamadali, gusto ko i-enjoy looking around... katuwa yung quiz noh? thanks for the comments liza!

btw, care to x-links? actually i added you already to my Hall of Faves. i adore the the design, lay-out, colors of your template, so pleasant!
God bless and regards....

Liza said...

thanks mariz! i've linked you as well. :)

take care.

fiftypushing said...

I've always been a careful shopper - my mother taught me not to waste! It must have been a post-war thing. Stand us in good stead with the current world-wide economic crisis! Greetings from South Africa!

Mariz said...

@fiftypushing: I couldn't agree more, now that there's food crisis worldwide (and not to mention that there are millions suffering from deep poverty and hunger), people need to be more responsible with their food consumption so that nothing goes to waste. In addition, sharing our extra blessings to those in need could help alleviate the problem of poverty facing many countries today. We all need to do our share, no matter how small it may be, right?

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