Beware...The Sushi Police Are Coming!

Do you like Japanese food? I do, and for the past months I've been learning how to make sushi.

When we were still living in Manila and Kuala Lumpur, hubby and I would rather much prefer to go to a Japanese restaurant to satisfy our craving when it calls, but since moving to Dubai, we are now unable to enjoy eating Japanese food as often, as eating at Japanese restaurants here is so expensive (bordering to absurd really). So, that explains why I was forced to learn how to make my own California Roll (out of desperation... hahaha!).

Have had two successful attempts already at making Inside-Out California Rolls (but made some variation to it, I added cream cheese to the usual avocado, crab meat, cucumber combo (surprised? the idea came from enjoying a California Roll with this ingredient, in a Japanese restaurant in Manila). Hubby and friends loved my Japanese culinary genius...can pass as authentic Japanese food, they said. But being the perfectionist that I am, It was ok for me, but my roll was a bit loose, so I need more practice. I am now in search of new guinea pigs to try my next sushi...interested?

Anyways, talking about Japanese food, I read this article today from BBC GoodFood Magazine about Japan's endeavor to preserve the authenticity of Japanese cuisine, very interesting, read on...

The Japanese agriculture ministry has stirred unease among restaurateurs worldwide with its plan to send food experts to judge the authenticity of Japanese eateries.

Officials claim that some of the food served in Japanese restaurants abroad is not recognizable as Japanese, so they are to create a panel of food experts to travel abroad and inspect restaurants for authenticity.

However, they will only check places that volunteer for certification.

One of the aims of the programme is to help the world better appreciate Japan's culinary arts by correcting misunderstandings about what has come to pass as "real" Japanese food, given that fusion-type food sold as "Japanese" confuses many people about what is authentic Japanese.

Japanese ministry officials have said that new standards for Japanese food may help increase exports by encouraging restaurants abroad to use as many Japanese ingredients as possible.

Uh, oh...I guess I'm one of the guilty ones who needs to be arrested for adding "cream cheese". LOL!


Selerines said...

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Gina said...

I am not much for sushi, or any japanese food for that matter, but those rolls look really good. And with the cream cheese in it, who knows, I might become a convert =P ..aww, don't mind the sushi police!

iSeL said...

My problem with making sushi is that I can't make them to be the same size and sometimes if I make them too big it crumbles once I slice them. So yeah, more practice for me too :D And thanks for accepting my advert.

liza said...

hehe, if they're really serious about it then so many will be arrested, my family loves japanese food. california maki is my son's favorite. i love to cook sukiyaki, yakiniku and katsudon too ;)

thanks for coming over, take care.

Mariz said...

@ Sel: i've already dropped by your blog a number of times and have commented in your recent post...

@ Gina: now is the time to be converted... Jap food is good! =)

@ Isel: yeah, it has the tendency to crumble when you don't roll it tightly, but be sure not to squeeze it, otherwise, the fillings may come out from the sides, and you'd be left w/ just having a rolled rice instead...hahaha..this happened to me many times, nanggigil kse ako sa pag-roll...=D

@ Liza: there won't enough jail space for the all the culprits (like me)... katsudon too! yum..yum...i'm hungry! =D

Scott said...

I could eat sushi or Japanese food everyday. Also mexican food. Wonderful blog and I enjoy your writing.

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