KYFV Live! Featuring: The ARTICHOKE

Since the name of my new section here - KYFV (Know Your Fruits & Veggies) really does sound like a radio channel, then lets make our acquaintance today with our featured veggie something like a radio interview...

KYFV Live! with DJ Mariz (broadcasted through RbM Blog)
"Hooking you up with your health's best buddies - Fruits & Veggies" Today's Special Guest Star: Archie ARTICHOKE

DJ Mariz: Hi, everyone and thanks for tuning in with us here at KYFV Live!, where you can get a closer look at the lives of your favorite F&V celebrities. Our featured guest for today is Archie ARTICHOKE. Hi, Archie! thanks for coming to the show today.

Archie ARTICHOKE: Thanks for having me here.

DJ Mariz: Tell us more about yourself. When and how were you discovered?

Archie ARTICHOKE: I'm a native of the Mediterranean, artichokes are a perennial in the thistle group of the sunflower (Compositae) family. In full growth, my plant spreads to cover an area about six feet in diameter and reaches a height of three to four feet. My long, arching, deeply serrated leaves give my plant a fern-like appearance. The "vegetable" that people eat is actually my flower bud. If allowed to flower, the blossoms measure up to seven inches in diameter and are a beautiful violet-blue color. The size of the bud depends upon where it is located on the plant. My origins date back to the time of the Greek philosopher and naturalist, Theophrastus (371-287 B.C.), who wrote of them being grown in Italy and Sicily.

DJ Mariz: What can people expect when they buy your "bunch"? What can you offer them?

Archie ARTICHOKE: I'm actually fun to eat, and I'm good for your health. I'm a good source of vitamin C, folate, potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber. I'm low in sodium, fat-free and I'm a dieter's delight at only 25 calories. Below is the proof:

In addition to eating me "straight up, many consumers have discovered that artichokes also make excellent additions to stir-fry and pasta dishes.

DJ Mariz: Let's talk about your career. Rumors have circulated that you are not as popular as your contemporaries in "Veggiewood", that you don't have an appeal to the young audiences. What's your reaction to this?

Archie ARTICHOKE: Yes it's true, I won't deny that. I don't get that much exposure in the limelight. People hardly know me, especially the young people today. If only they would give me a try, then they would realize that I can enliven their taste buds. That's why I'm grateful that you invited me here so people can get to know me better.

DJ Mariz: It's sad that most people don't actually know how good you are. To be brutally honest with you, when I was young, I also had no idea you exist at all (LOL!). I don't know how you're served, eaten and what you can do for our health, good thing a friend introduced me to you at one dinner. Up until now, there's still a lot I have yet to discover about you, and I'm sure a lot of people can relate with me on this. That is why I decided to feature you here. It's never too late to get more acquainted with you, right? Tell us, what are ways people can do to appreciate you more? How do we serve you and discover your "flavor"?

Archie ARTICHOKE: Before that, let me tell you that I'm glad we got to know each other too, Mariz. Well, what people can do to get to know me better is to read about me, then try me... head off to the nearest grocery and buy my "bunch". Make sure to buy only fresh produce. Nowadays, I perform regularly and get featured at classy restaurants, but I do accept invitations to perform even in the humblest of kitchens, as long I get invited. My "manager' told me I would get featured one of these days at "Eats Time!", your new recipe segment here at RbM Blog. But while waiting for that, I'll give you a list of some places where I am "the star" and currently being talked about. You can find out more about me and the projects (recipes) I'm in at these sites. Details about selection, storage and preparation can also be found on that list. (Please refer to references below).

DJ Mariz: Thank you so much Archie, we have learned so much about you today. It was great having you here. I hope after this interview more people get to know you better through personal experience so that they can give not just a new delight to their palates, but also benefit from your nutritional value. All the best to your "career"!

Archie ARTICHOKE: Thanks Mariz! It was a pleasure being here.

DJ Mariz: There you have it ladies and gents, a very informative Q&A today brought to you by KYFV Live! Broadcasting to the world through RbM Blog. Thanks for listening in and do join us again next time for another look at the lives of your top F&V celebs. Signing out.


Did You Know?*

Artichokes are one of the oldest foods know to humans.

Marilyn Monroe was the first official California Artichoke Queen in 1949.

List of References:
California Artichoke Advisory Board - Everything you need to know about artichokes is here including recipes, some excerpts of this article were taken from this site. - Detailed information on selection, storage and preparation can be found here
What' - quoted for "Did you know?" and excerpts of artichoke history - some excerpts on Artichoke history and artichoke feature photo were taken from here

To see photos of a step-by-step procedure on how to prepare and eat artichokes, you can view it at this site:
Simply Recipes

Hope you enjoyed my post today guys! I really had fun writing it...


liza said...

yan naman ang wala dito sa atin, meron pero canned, hindi naman masarap.

di bale sis, tao mo na lang recipe, paguwi mo dito luto ka guinataang santol hehe.

Gina said...

looks like somebody did her homework before interviewing Archie!

Interesting facts about 'him'. Have tasted artichoke a couple of times before.

A little trivia: My mother in law calls it 'arkchuf'. I'm not sure if it's a true Italian word, or she has just given it a nickname. =))

Mariz said...

actually sa pinas ko natikman yang artichoke, pero matagal na rin, a friend served it as appetizer. i just thought of posting in my KYFV section veggies and fruits na di masyado popular pero masarap and nutritious, alam na kse ng mga tao yung health benefits ng ibang F&V. yup, i'll definitely save the santol recipe, gusto ko din yung santol actually kapag gagawing juice. i used to remember my lolo making for us when we were young.

thanks for the comment dear!

123 said...

ABC Bloglearner says...

Hello there! What a cool way of blogging this thing, Mariz. Well, like the rest, i was without knowledge about this food. Only here in Italy I was able to eat this thing... many times already... hmm...for me it tasts like the banana hert/flower so i like the taste...


123 said...

ABC Bloglearner says...

In response to Gina....
Well, it's "carciofo" is the Italian word for artichoke...
read as kah-tso-fo for english accent and car-cho-fo for American accent...

ABC Bloglearner

Shamira said...

This is a delightful blog. I really enjoyed reading it and
learning more about Archie
Arichoke. You have certainly done
your homework on it. You may or may not know this but artichokes are great for diabetics as they help control your sugar levels.

For more information on
healing with foods sign up for my newsletter at

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