Laugh Your Way to Health & Happiness

Life's best guidebook in the world - the Bible, says that "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." (Proverbs 17:22 NIV)

Indeed, laughter is the best medicine, not only does it lighten up our spirits but it also brings cure to our bodies. A recent study conducted by the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine reported that laughter not only enhances your mood, but it may also protects your heart. During the study, 20 healthy participants were shown 2 movies: a funny comedy and a war saga. After viewing the war (stress-inducing) film, participants' blood vessels constricted and blood flow was reduced in 14 of the 20 participants. When viewing the comedy, 19 of the 20 participants experienced improved circulation and blood flow. The researchers explained that the increased blood flow was similar to the benefits experienced with exercise.

So what makes you laugh? What makes roll on the floor with laughter — Friends re-runs, SpongeBob cartoons, (for the pinoys: "Dolphy and Panchito antics") or your favorite comedy club? Although neither these researchers would encourage you to trade your exercise routine for comedy TV or a daily dose of belly shaking, gut-busting laughter is always permitted and now highly recommended!

Here's my treat for you...this baby is not just cute and adorable, his laughter is also hilariously contagious:

Go ahead...laugh your heart out...LOL!

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