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Hey guys! Are you in for a little fun? I'd like to do a "sort of" trivia game here to test the wits of all the movie/TV buffs out there. If you consider yourself one, then join in...

All you need to do is post a FAMOUS MOVIE or TV SHOW DIALOGUE you can remember (post at comment link below). It's up to you if you want to cite the movie/TV show it was taken from, but if you can't remember it, it's fine (this is not a school exam people, no perfect scores to be noted!). Ok, I know some movie/tv addicts out there may know tons of dialogues and may get tempted to enumerate all they know of, but to give everybody a chance to think and participate, let's set the rule to ONE (1) FAMOUS MOVIE/TV SHOW DIALOGUE PER GUEST. Let's get the ball rolling...I'll start -

1. "Show me the money!" - Jerry McGuire

It's your turn now...


claire said...

this sounds exciting. i'm a movie fan to begin with. can i join this meme? thanks.. nice meeting you :)

claire said...

2. "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her..." - Julia Roberts/Notting Hill

Mariz said...

nice meeting you too claire!

your entry is a classic one, that's one of my faves... my eyes swelled up with tears during that movie scene...

thanks for dropping by and for joining in, just wanted to have a little fun w/ my friendly readers =)

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