Lovely Marmande Tomatoes

This article is a follow-up to my "Are You A Smart Shopper" post. That day I went to Carrefour to do my grocery shopping, I saw this odd-shaped but really cute tomatoes, its tag says "Marmande" Tomatoes and it was freshly flown-in. Got curious so before writing this article I googled it to see where they originally come from. I found out that this type of tomato is more commonly known as "Ugly Tomatoes" in the U.S., originally hailing from an old French heirloom tomato variety called Marmande. "Ugly Tomatoes"?, now that's ironic, because I find them so lovely, and at the grocery I noticed a lot of people who passed by the tomato shelf had to stop to take a closer look, they too were as curious as I was. Good thing cellphones nowadays have built-in cameras so I quickly took a snapshot of these peculiar but good-looking tomatoes (its shape reminds me of a pumpkin actually!).

BBC Home describes it in more detail:
'Marmande' is a a classic beefsteak variety which produces the large, ribbed tomatoes that are commonly seen in the Continent. The meaty fruit has a superb flavour and is great for salads and cooking as it produces very few seeds. Plants thrive outdoors in a sunny position. Provide them with a sturdy stake to help support the weight of the heavy fruit.

Now this is just one of the reasons why I like grocery-shopping... you'll never know what new and interesting stuff you could stumble upon, plus I learned something new today.

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Anonymous said...

Leave it to the French to take one of natures near perfect foods and breed it to a point it no longer looks like it parent plants. Grin. Of course what do you except from a people that think snail is a food to be savored!!

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