Malaysia...An Unforgettable Place!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Stayed here for 2 1/2 years. In 2005, hubby and I were given an opportunity to work abroad, this was our first time to move to another country. Our experience in Malaysia was one of the best things that happened to us. It opened many doors for us. Doors to new friendships, new adventures, new experiences, and it was our springboard for the opportunity we found in Dubai. Moving to Malaysia was not difficult, hubby and I have been so used to moving from one place to another. Can you believe this - in our 9 years of marriage, we've moved to 11 different houses! Hubby and I are expert movers now (and have become experts in holding garage sales as well, this is a must when you need to cut down on unnecessary stuff). Through the years we've learned life can can be so free and easy if you don't have that much stuff to carry around when you need to make a move. From Manila to Davao to KL to Dubai, "travel light" was our motto. Our house and move to KL was our 9th house/move.

Living in KL did not give us much of a culture shock. I guess as an Asian, it was just easier for us to blend in. We really enjoyed our life in Malaysia, though short-lived, living there allowed me and my husband to have such a unique experience in mixing with different cultures (Malaysia is a multi-racial country, comprised of Malays, Chinese and Indians), meet a lot of interesting people, eat some of the best food there is in the world, but more importantly gain lasting friendships. It's been a year now since we left KL, but inside me there is a deep longing to come back. We miss our friends there so much, we miss the feel of the city, we miss the food...hihihi. Hopefully, we can at least visit soon, until then I just have to make do with looking at these photos to remind me of our happy moments there. What I miss most:

Happenings with friends... Malaysian food, especially Hokkien Mee (I'm dying to have this again!) malling at KLCC, MidValley, StarHill and Bukit Bintang, nice feel of the city...

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