Never Too Late! I may be a late-bloomer in the world of blogging, but as the famous saying goes..."better late than never!". I've started blogging only recently but my other blog was specifically focused on online business. This blog is more personal. It's all about life in general - my faith in God, my views and experiences, my life as a wife, matters of the heart - friendships, relationships, things that inspire me. I will also touch on work, home-based opportunities, travel, living in a foreign land, music, entertainment, news, tips, reviews, recipes, and what have you. Basically it will all be about my musings about anything and everything under the sun, but putting emphasis on the positive side of things. After all, there's just too many bad news in the world, so this is my take on writing and sharing only that which is helpful and uplifting.

Through this blog though, what I really hope to accomplish and share with everyone is that there's just so many good things in life we all can be thankful for...all that's needed for our spirits to stay free and happy is to take a moment in our lives' busy schedules...look around, reflect and smell the flowers.

Happy reading!

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Prem said...

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for writing a blog something like this. The whole idea of spreading love, goodness & positive energy is something which made me really happy reading this. I feel it's truly needed for today's fast paced life 'coz people today really forget to LIVE LIFE.

And personally it's been an inspiration for me. As I had started blogging very recently, and Iam really happy to find someone with a similar thinking as of mine. It's given me a lot more confidence to put down what's going on in my life. And I truly invite you into my world....that's my blog...and do give me your views on it. I'd be glad to know them.

Iam very happy that you've got the right person you wanted in life. I can see a real lively smile on a face after a long time. Be smiling like that for ever. And have a wonderful life....God bless you.

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