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Yesterday, this 36-year old British man on this photo, a very bold adventurer and a veteran BASE jumper / Skydiver, was on the full cover of a local newspaper here in Dubai. He purposely came to the city to do this BASE jump from Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building, and with the intention to enter the Guinness World Records. He clambered up 150 floors of stairs without being spotted by security guards before leaping with a parachute just after 5am as dawn broke. He was successful on his jump (kudos to him!), but arrested soon after his landing, news said he is due in court next week and could face one year in jail and a fine of Dhs5,000 (US$1,400) for illegally entering a property.

BASE Jumping has become even more popular in the recent years. The term BASE jumping is derived from the four categories of fixed objects from which a parachute jump can be made - building, antenna, span and earth. Surely this exhilarating sport (must I say death-defying stunt?) is not for the weak of hearts and those with fear of heights. One thing I can say though is that people hooked into this heart-pumping, risky sport definitely know what "jumping into life's uncertainties" means.

I've had a lot of thrilling escapades as well, though considered amateurish compared to what the British jumper did and I must say not the "Fear Factor" kind of thing ok, but were really fun and unforgettable, here are just some of them:
(1) my first scuba-dive in Boracay with hubby during our honeymoon (hey, considering we both don't know how to swim in deep water, that's pretty brave, don't you think?)
(2) mountain trekking and cave exploration at Marilog, Davao
(3) dune bashing at Desert Safari (riding a speed-crazed 4WD off-roading through sand dunes)
(4) jumping off an 8-feet high platform ledge into a 10-feet deep swimming pool during my previous company's team building conference at Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia last year

I think having this kind of adrenalin rush from time to time is good for the brings out that zest for life. Applying this insight deeper, I believe that for life to be lived at its fullest, one has to learn how take risks and take leaps of faith.

So, what's your idea of fun and adventure? What stunts have you done lately you thought you never can or will never do?

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