Hello there! Yesterday was a busy day... had to attend to call of domestic duties, so I was not able to post anything. But that blog break gave me terrific ideas for this blog, which would keep my blog veins alive...hahaha!

Remember in one my previous posts, I mentioned that I would be coming up with a special section for recipes. Well, I have been collecting ideas to make that section as interesting as possible. I have been collating not just my own tried and tested ones, but also recipes from friends and relatives (with their permission to feature it of course), and I will also be will be featuring recipes from notable sites and celebrities (maybe I'll ask my friend Martha Stewart to guest blog here one of these days...yeah right, in my dreams!).

Ladies and gents, presenting...

Recipes From My Heart To Your Belly...

Spent a number of good hours today making three original clip arts of my own. Yup, you read it right - 3, because I'm also coming up with two other special sections I call --

"Cool Tips" For Day-to-Day Living


"KYFV" - Know Your Fruits & Veggies
(sounds like a radio station, huh!)

So when you see these icons on my posts, then "Eats Time" to discover new recipes... stock up "Cool Tips" ... and get acquainted with your health's best buddies through "KYFV".

Special thanks to, I just stumbled upon this tool last night while looking for clip art resources. It's a great site, you too can make your own pretty clip arts!

Hope you would stay tuned to my next posts, why not subscribe by email, RSS or BlogLines so you won't miss a thing. I'll start featuring articles under these 3 sections and will create more sections for inspirational stories and insights, news and reviews, health, tech news and gadgets, travel, photography and whatever I can think of. It's nice to get things organized, right? I'll be working on it in the coming days.

(Note: If you do intend to subscribe, I recommend using Blog Lines, makes getting your daily feed of blog articles a lot easier, way better than bookmarking).

Enjoy your day! =)

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Gina said...

I've visited the link and it is a cool program! Thanks for sharing.

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