Citizenship For Sale? (Immigrant Viewpoint)

A lot of people sees the U.S. as the land of milk and honey, a place where you can easily secure "the american dream". I have friends and relatives who have migrated to U.S. and have actually become citizens already, for them life in the U.S. has been good and this will their home for good. But I also hear of a lot of sad stories from people whose move to the U.S. did not do them any better.

In my opinion, as long as offer of migration to foreigners are properly regulated by the government, then there shouldn't be any issues with this. It's a matter of give and take. Migrants benefit as new opportunities are presented to them, and the economy on the other hand also benefit from what the migrants can contribute.

I also believe that home is where your heart is. Building a life and starting anew anywhere (any country) will always be challenging and difficult at first, stability in your new home won't happen overnight. But as you press on, it is your desire that will bring you success... anywhere you go, choose to live or whatever you decide to do.

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Budget Traveler said...

Hi mariz! I dropped by and voted for you! God bless!

fiftypushing said...

We've just had awful xenophobic attacks in our black townships - South Africans turning on immigrants from other parts of AFrica (most of them here illegally, but often having lived and worked here for 15 years or more.) The view is that they steal jobs from our (lazy) locals. A number were killed, many have fled and hundreds are now being accommodated in refugee camps. America must be much more civilised.

Mariz said...

@ budget traveler: thanks, i appreciate it!

@ fiftypushing: so sad to hear that. governments must really intervene to avoid these kind of scenarios. thanks for the comment.

Z'riz said...

hmmm i am an immigrant myself and i think america has a way of making life easier because they pay well as compared to the Philippines...of course, I'm not talking about the horror stories that surface sometimes...

unfortunately, living in a new country, in a new culture, has its drawback...

sometimes, I still get discriminated....know what i mean? which is pretty unfair because when other nationalities visit the philippines, they are treated like demi-gods....

Deranged Insanity
Traipsey Turvey

liza said...

hi sistah! im not sure if you got this already, but i’d like to share it with you…

happy tuesday!

Mariz said...

@ Z'riz: I completely agree with you, I guess anywhere we decide to migrate in, discrimination is inevitable. We just have to do our best to prove ourselves (our worth) I guess.

Mariz said...

@ Liza: Woooohoooo! Finally, I've received this award...thanks so much dear. I see that in other people's blogs and I keep wondering whether I'll ever get one, hihi, I appreciate it Liza. I accept it wholeheartedly, I must blog about it now!

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