Cool Tips: Help Your Freezer

I like reading housekeeping and food magazines, there's a lot of useful tips, new recipes and great ideas you can pick-up which can help in performing "domestic duties" easier. Here are some great tips I want to share with you which I found today at BBC GoodFood Magazine, to keep your freezer in top condition:

> Set it to 0 degrees F, or lower, then monitor the temperature with a freezer thermometer.

> Stop air and moisture from getting into food in the freezer - use sealed freezer containers or freezer bags, or even foil. Food expands when frozen so don't over-pack.

> Smaller items freeze faster, so freeze recipe items in portions - a cup of stock, etc.

> Use the walls and floor of the freezer to freeze your food faster.

> Add unfrozen food in batches - too much will overload the machine. Stack items closely together.

> Freezers are most efficient when full - if you don't have food, freeze water to fill the space.

Hope you'll find these cool tips useful... Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy... =)


fiftypushing said...

Hhmm --- we made 20 kilograms of venison mince the other day - can't add it in small amounts - it would go off! But thanks for the tips. Keep up the good work!

valerie lynn said...

Great tips! Thanks for the useful information! God bless!

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