Perhaps some of you who hang out at YouTube searching for interesting finds may have seen this video already - Kiwi! But for those who haven't, I assure you that it would be worth your while to watch it.

Created by Dony Permedi, a student in the New York City School of Visual Arts, as his Master's Thesis Animation, with music composed and performed by Tim Cassell, this 3-minute computer animated short film is one of the best animated short film I've seen. It has become an internet phenomenon after being shown in YouTube, and was officially recognized and voted as YouTube's Most Adorable Video of 2006. With over 17 million views to date, it is hailed as the most popular video in the Film & Animation Category. Drawing wide media attention not only because of its amusing animation, but more so, because of its inspiring plot.


Kiwi is a type of bird that cannot fly. In the story, we can see that he has spent almost his entire life working hard to achieve his dream of flying. To make this happen, the kiwi took so much effort to "nail trees" to the side of the cliff, just to create an illusion of being able to fly over a forest as he was soaring down through the sky from the top of the cliff. The kiwi had one goal in mind -- to fulfill his dream of flying, despite the fact that it was physically impossible and that it can cost him his dear life... these didn't stop him from still trying and fulfilling his dream.

There are so many lessons we can learn from Kiwi!, one thing that stands out in my mind though, is that no matter how impossible and out of reach your dreams may be, it can be achieved as long as you have the will to do so!

I hope this has brought some inspiration to you as it has for me... Enjoy your day!

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