Offshore Drilling - You want it?

Fuel prices are sky-rocketing, anywhere in the world. This spells one thing...prices of commodities going up and cost of living becoming more and more expensive.

I do hope that those scientists looking into using hydrogen or biofuel as alternative sources of energy would succeed in their endeavors, and more importantly, that their efforts would be embraced by economy leaders and the general public itself. The main problem these endeavors never succeed is not because it is technically is possible! There have been successful previous inventions with the use of water as alternative for fuel, but never made it to the market, why?...because it was hit hard with contradiction by politicians and powerful governments who make a lot of money from endorsing "blackgold" fuel.

If only everyone in governments will stop protecting their own interests and do what is good for most people, then...only then, would problems of hunger, poverty and strife be completely resolved.

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Z'riz said...

Hi! Tagged you here

Deranged Insanity
Traipsey Turvey

Lynda said...

Another interesting & thought provoking post - thanks for that, Mariz ! I also just wanted to let you know that tomorrow (Sunday)I'll be posting about the lovely award you gave my blog, with a link back to your blog & my 5 nominee's ...
Have a lovely weekend !
Bye for now
Lynda :)

liza said...

hi sis! thank you so much for nominating my blog. i was informed by the composed gentleman that MLC is nominated. wag ka mag-alala i'll still vote for you ;)

i have made a post about nga pala.

have a great weekend sistah

Mariz said...

@ Z'riz: Will check out that tag sis..

@ Lynda: You truly deserve the award Lynda. Happy weekend too!

@ Liza: You deserve to win that award friend! Enjoy your weekend...

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