An OFW's Dilemma

For most OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) working and living abroad, having to to come back to the Philippines for a vacation is a much anticipated time, as this would spell sweet and happy reunion with family and friends. Along with preparing for the trip comes the dilemma of having to address these questions:

What to give?
Whom to give to?
How much to give?
...and the biggest question to address:
SHOULD I GIVE? ....hahaha! (just kidding)

Our answer to the last question is a resounding -- YES! Filipinos are innately thoughtful, and it has always been our custom to share whatever blessings we have with our loved-ones... however simple and small they may be.

Hubby and I are flying back to the Philippines TODAY for two weeks vacation. We're so excited already!

So that means that I would be on blog break for that duration, BUT, I've made a way to keep the posts flowing (thanks to Blogger's new post-date publishing feature), so you won't miss me at all...LOL! I just would not be able to reply immediately to your comments, tags and the notes you drop at the chat box, but I'll definitely check from time to time and get back to you as needed.

God bless and see you around guys...


JesuLalaine said...

Have a blessed trip Mariz!! I hope you'll indeed have a wonderful time with family back home...I cant' wait to visit my family back hometoo.

Channelofhealing said...

WoW, do have a wonderful time sis, love you


Lynda said...

Mariz, I hope that you are having a wonderful time & I look forward to hearing about your travel adventures when you get back !

Jhay said...

Dont forget my pasalubong ha, kahit ano basta bukal sa puso. hehehe

This is jhaylogs your friendly blogger (toink!)

Mariz said...

To everyone: Thanks a lot guys! Just got back and now answering the comments and notes dropped. I did have a great time...will definitely tell you all about my travel in the coming days. :)

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