So many little time!

I love to blog hop. Besides wanting to get some traffic and expose my own blog, I simply enjoy going through all the diverse blogs out there. There's just so many creative people and gifted writers who can freely express what's on their minds, write from their hearts and pour out their souls into every article they write. I'm new in blogging and I just can't help but be amazed!

At times, through the course of my blog hopping, I just get smitten by the cool site designs and more importantly, get hooked by the interesting posts of bloggers from all over the world. You learn a lot of things, get fresh ideas, enjoy a good laugh from some funny sites, and the best thing about it is you meet and make new friends along the's just great! My dilemma is - there's just not enough time to read through everything, good thing you can just subscribe or bookmark your favorites.

I'm such a late bloomer, I don't know what kept me from getting into blogging sooner. At any rate, the blogosphere continues to grow immensely, and that could only mean one thing... more opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, discover new things, explore new sites, and enjoy all that blogging brings.

Happy blogging guys! Cheers to all amazing bloggers out there!


Liza said...

same here mariz, i love to bloghop and leave a comment but like you i have so little time.

by the way i need your help here...

see yah :)

Lynda said...

Yes ! You're so right ! I, too, am new to blogging & it's like a whole new world out there, so many interesting blogs to read from all around the world ... fascinating stuff and I have met so many wonderful people from all walks of life through blogging. Enjoy it - I'll pop back again soon :)
Lynda in East Africa

Pinay Jade said...

I know what you mean. I should have started blogging when I was living in Holland so I could have wrote down nice memories I had there.

It's really a whole new world like lynda says. And whenever I blog hop I see all those nice design and I wanna have it too. Or maybe even make another blog...but I could hardly manage one.

It is fun and I learned new stuff.
By the way, if you wanna laugh, check my latest post. You are tagged!

Petula Wright said...

I agree! ... Your blog is wonderfully designed. I'm glad I found you.

Mommy Elvz said...

hi mariz! i share the same view my friend, as i blog hop everyday i discover so many interesting blogs and sites to read. Just like you i need to divide my time updating my blog and visiting other sites to promote mine.

Di bale kaya natin to sis :)

Points of View said...

i feel the same..." so many little time!"

just keep're in good track!enjoy your day!;0)

fiftypushing said...

Luckily, I have lots of time - I read blogs at night by the TV - while my husband watches his favourite shows "Dirty Jobs" etc. You are a very sophisticated blogger compared to me! (e.g. How do you get a little photo on the comment?) I also can't imagine having more than one blog. !

Emil Jung said...

Hop over to South Africa *wink

Guttu said...

After sometime you get addicted to blogging. I was introduced to this medium 2 years back but I got success the third time. I'm interested in link xchange with your blog. Leave a comment if you are interested.

Mariz said...

@ Liza: let's just make the most of the time we have, enjoying one blog at a time. tnx for the tag, will work on it soon, i've so many pending tags to post, hehehe.

@ Lynda: i couldn't agree more...the best thing about blogging is meeting people from all walks of life, from all over the world.

@ Pinay Jade: i have 2 other blogs dedicated to my online business, but the satisfaction and fulfillment i get from having a personal blog (journal) is beyond comparison. i love expressing what's on my mind and sharing what's in my heart. tnx for the tag, i'll work on it.

@ Petula Wright: i'm glad you to see you here, i hope you can drop by often, nice meeting you dear..

@ Mommy Elvs: yes, we can do it!

@ Points of View: tnx, i'll keep writing interesting articles for you.

@ Fiftypushing: wow, good for you. i wish i can have the same luxury of time. i'll go to your site to give you instructions on how to go about uploading your photo in your profile, so your photo will appear each time you post a comment.

@ Guttu: yes, blogging can really be addictive. i get a bit a restless whenever i don't get to post anything in a this a sign that i'm a blog addict already? hehehe...

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