Spreadin' some lovin' kindness...

Yeepeee! Got tagged by a new wonderful friend I made through blogging. Thanks Gina for this pretty friendship bracelet, will wear it always...you're so sweet!

Girly Comments & Graphics

Gina, this is especially for you my dear -

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Ok, now my turn to spread some love... I'm tagging: Wendy, Liza, Janet, Jhay, Mommy Elvs, fiftypushing, and Toni (ooops, the tag rule says to tag only 5, but just couldn't help bending the rule a bit, actually my list can go on until the bottom of this page...will save that for the next tag). Thanks for the visits...for the warmth you bring to my cyberhome, and most of all...

Glitter Photos

I hope you keep this meme going and brighten up someone's day...hugs to you all! =). You can get fabulous glitter graphics here or here. Enjoy your day...


janet said...

hi mariz, thanks for this tag. appreciate it. sorry for not linking you soon. been busy updating my blogs... also, my girl did something to my laptop, i can't use it now. i have to wait for hubby to come home to be able to use internet again. :)

Gina said...

Thanks for doing the tag and spreading the luvvv.. and most of all , for the very special and sweet 'badge'.

Mommy Elvz said...

Hello! cute ng tag sis, thanks ha. I'll post it agad, hope i have enough time today, doing work and maintaining a blog kase at the same time hehe :) thanks again.

Good day and God bless!

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