Vitamin Benefits

Nowadays, taking vitamin supplements is a must to help our bodies cope with the daily stress of life and to protect our immune system from the harmful effects of pollution around us. If you're taking vitamin supplements, then make sure you're taking them properly to get the maximum benefits. Here are some things to remember when taking vitamins:

1) Swallowing vitamins with iced water is thought to slow down absorption, and don't take them with tea, as the tannins could reduce the effectiveness.

2) Taking supplements on an empty stomach could cause nausea and it would quickly pass out in your urine, so it's best taken after meals. Some experts believe after your evening meal is best because they can help maintain the mineral movements in your body which are greatest when you're asleep at night.

3) Ensure which supplements work well together. Combining Iron with Vitamin C will help your body absorb the Iron. Magnesium helps your body take in calcium, and studies reveal taking Vitamins C and E together makes the antioxidant effects more powerful and this combination best protects your heart. Vitamin C also works well with Zinc to boost the immune system.

My daily dose of vitamins include Vitamin C (500mg), E (400IU), Folic Acid (5mg), and I get my dose of calcium from drinking a glass of Low Fat Milk each day. Here is a good health site I found where you can get more useful information about vitamins: NetDoctor.

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