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I took a trip to an organic grocery the other day looking for special "dates with almonds" to give to a friend back home who likes organic stuff. Unfortunately, this particular shop didn't have it, but what caught my eyes were the digital price tags they're using. I've been to many places and have visited lots of hypermarkets, but this is my first time to see a shop using digital price tags... it was quite cool, very hi-tech!

Anyways, this post is not about the digital tags. Since we're talking organic, just want to share with you some useful info I read in a magazine about understanding organic labels, thought it would be worth sharing.


Transitional : The company producing the product is using organic ingredients and methods, but has not yet completed the period necessary to qualify for organic certification.

100% Organic : Exclusively organic ingredients or single ingredient products like eggs, fruit or vegetables.

Organic : Minimum 95% of the product is made of organic ingredients (excluding salt and water).

Organic Ingredients : Ingredients are 70-95% organic; organic ingredients are specified on the label.

Natural : Natural does not mean organic; all produce and single-ingredient products are "natural", so though appealing, the word is almost meaningless.

Free-range : Free-range does not mean organic. On poultry or eggs, this means that the hens have some access to roam.

Hormone-free : Hormone-free does not mean organic, but should mean that animals like beef and dairy cows were grown without the use of hormones.

One thing is for sure, organic products are much more expensive than the usual items you'll find in the groceries. So, is organic, worth it? That's up to you. Certainly, organic foods and products offer consumers a choice. Generally, they have lower levels of residual pesticides and chemicals, reduce the impact of production on the environment, and offer more in terms of taste and and beneficial components.

Hope you learned something new today. =)


toni said...

I did learn something new today. I thought all organic stuff was the same. Thanks for highlighting the differences!

Mariz said...

@ toni: You're welcome. I also learned a lot from this article too. Thanks for dropping by Toni :)

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