A World of Difference

When I was a young kid, I remember my grandfather always used to say "the world is changing, I don't know if I can keep up anymore." Fast forward to many years, my grandfather is now in heaven, and now I think I'd have to borrow that famous line of his. Just look around you, notice the tall skyscraper buildings, all the new tech gadgets we're using...indeed, we're living now in a fast-paced world, and yes... sometimes it's hard to keep up.

Do you remember the days when there were no cellphones yet? Meeting someone was not a problem even without a cellphone, we only had to set the appointment time, and there were no worries about meeting up. But now, (and I too am guilty of this sometimes) when we forget our cellphones at the house, we feel so agitated, too concerned that we won't make it through the day without that precious gadget. Postal service also has become a thing of the past to our young generation, now that internet enables us all to be connected easily. The sad thing about this only is that if we are not careful with how it can work for us - it can become a crutch.

Nevertheless, these new advancements in infrastructure and technology do provide substantial benefits which make our daily living easier. I guess it's really just a matter of how you use it, and not be enslaved by it.

A noted fact is that along with these advancements come changes in our society, culture and perception of things as a people. I won't elaborate on this anymore, perhaps this comic illustrations can best explain the point I'm trying to make:

Credits: We Blog Cartoons, Xpress Issue No.64 Comics


Pinay Jade said...

I know what you mean...the world has indeed changed a lot. Sometimes it goes too fast that we don't really enjoy the moment anymore.It seems that we are always too short of time.

That's why we need to get away from it all sometime...turn it all off and enjoy a chat with someone you love.

girl,I enjoy your posts. I've added u already too:) very nice to meet you.

Mariz said...

@ pinay jade: Thanks Jade! I enjoy your blog too! I'm glad I made a new friend today - YOU! Stay in touch, ok!

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