Blessing in Disguise

Although I felt that two weeks were not enough for a much deserved break, nevertheless, I'm glad that hubby and I were able to maximize those two weeks. Before going, I've already prepared an itinerary, and after preparing and showing it to hubby, I knew exactly what his reaction would be, he said... "just looking at the itinerary made me feel tired already!", actually I had the same feeling. Yes, it was a full two weeks and it was really tiring, but the exhaustion after the trip is definitely overshadowed by the happy memories we've taken home with us.

Now let me just start recounting the highlights of our trip, first... our "strange" airport experience...

Firstly, we left the house so early, but surprisingly still got caught in heavy traffic on the way to the airport. When we arrived, we were so overwhelmed by the tons of people at the airport, it was chaotic! Even the airport personnel were saying that day was so unusually busy, they too were shocked. We have already checked-in online so I thought that doing so would eliminate the hassles of queuing for check-in, all that's needed is to drop our luggage, as we have always been accustomed to doing with online check-ins. So, I was so shocked to learn that there were no online check-in counters anymore, everyone must queue at the regular check-in counters. We had no choice but to do so, all queues were so long, it was almost boarding time when we it came for our turn, and we were quite worried already.

We had one big luggage to check-in, and we already calculated even before going to the airport that the weight of our luggage would not exceed the allowed weight (for 2 combined passengers), now here comes the next shocker -- Emirates Airlines have imposed a new rule that every single luggage must not exceed 32Kilos (what???), our luggage weighed 40Kilos. The guy at the counter said that we can check-in as much as 70Kilos but each luggage must not exceeding 32. Oh no, we didn't know about this new regulation, it was not indicated in the ticket so we had no way of knowing. Good thing, I brought with me other bags, so we had to hurriedly unlock our luggage and transfer the other 8 kilo contents to the other bag ..what a hassle, especially when you are rushing and about to be late for boarding. Now, let this be a tip and a lesson to those planning to travel soon -- always bring extra bags, you'll never know when they will come handy!

So much for this troublesome airport experience, the positive thing that came out of it is -- we only booked Economy Tickets but got upgraded to Business Class. What a blessing! Don't ask me how that happened because I am as clueless as you are, when I did the online check-in, I already chose seats, I'm presuming that perhaps they gave our seats to others, that's why the ground attendant crossed out our seat numbers and assigned us to Business Class. Had we not experienced the hassle and delay at the check-in counter, we probably would still have our Economy seats. The rough time we had at the check-in counter turned out to be a blessing in disguise somehow.

It was our first time flying on Business Class, and the experience was superb! The horrific check-in counter experience minutes ago was quickly banished from our memories, and we just simply enjoyed a relaxed and pampered 9-hour flight.

Enjoyed this delectable dessert during the flight. Don't you just love free upgrades?

More stories about our travel adventures in my next posts... see yah!

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