Bottled Water Left in Car Can Be Dangerous

I've already heard somewhere before about the health hazards of drinking water from a bottle that's been heated up or heating food in the microwave using plastic containers. Yesterday, I received a forwarded email regarding this same warning and it's best that I share it with you so we can all take extra precautions:


Bottled water in your car can be very dangerous.

This was how Sheryl Crow got breast cancer. She was on the Ellen DeGeneres show and said this same exact thing. This has been identified as the most common cause of the high levels in breast cancer, especially in Australia ..

A friend whose mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor told her: women should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car.

The doctor said that the heat and the plastic of the bottle have certain chemicals that can lead to breast cancer. So please be careful and do not drink bottled water that has been left in a car, and, pass this on to all the women in your life.

This information is the kind we need to know and be aware and just might save us!!!! The heat causes toxins from the plastic to leak into the water and they have found these toxins in breast tissue. Use a stainless steel can tin or a glass bottle when you can !!!

So, take note of this ladies! No harm in heeding this warning, better be careful than sorry. By the way, please don't forget to click the Breast Cancer Site icon I have on my left sidebar each time you visit my blog, with each click you can help fund free mammograms to breast cancer victims.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend! :)


lei said...

hi. thanks for the information. will share this to my girl friends. :)

Mariz said...

@ lei: yup, we must all be aware of it, thanks for dropping by dear!

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