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Who doesn't love to travel and eat? Along with traveling comes the excitement of trying out new dishes or perhaps savouring once more favorite foods you've missed while away from home. During our vacation, besides the pleasure of enjoying mom's cooking again, hubby and I really enjoyed our "food trip". Let me tempt you with some snapshots of just a few "heavenly" foods we enjoyed during the course of our vacation in the Philippines, particularly in Davao.

Our day at the beach won't be complete without enjoying Barbecue & "Halo-Halo"... We had this sumptuous lunch at Paradise Beach in Samal Island... wow, our day here was truly a taste of paradise.

Pork BBQ, Grilled Tuna Belly, Mixed Vegetables with Seafood in Oyster Sauce, Halo-Halo Dessert (Mix of sweet beans, purple yam, custard flan, fruits, milk with shaved ice)

One of the dine-outs we have enjoyed the most while at Davao was at Antonio's Grill Restaurant. Strategically located inside SM Davao, this resto is famous for its superb Filipino dishes, not to mention their food presentation is simply fabulous. Jun, the F&B Manager is a good friend of ours and he is the brains behind most of the absolutely delicious dishes they serve (see our photo with him at the left-side bottom of the grid). Way to go, Jun! We're proud of you! So, if you ever get the chance to travel to Davao, make sure to stop by at this resto, you won't regret it... here's what we had that day...

From top left: Lumpiang Hubad (Unwrapped Veggie Spring Roll), Pomelo Salad in Tangy Vinaigrette Dressing (simply perfect!), Choco-Banana Shake, Blueberry Shake, Lechon Paksiw (Roast Pork Stew, yummy!), Sizzling Squid, Art/Mariz/Terry/Jun enjoying lunch and our time together, CoPaCaBana (Coconut, Pandan, Cantaloupe, Banana) Shake (best shake I've tried in my entire lifetime!), Nutty Turon (Banana Spring Roll in Nutty Choco Caramel Sauce, perfect dessert to complete the meal)

Is that your growling tummy I hear? All these food talk makes me hungry too!


blessedmom said...

sarap namna! yum yum! kakagutom ha! :) i miss lutong pinoy so much! haaaaay

take care! :)

liza said...

my family and i love to eat too. at yang halo-halo favorite ko yan ;)

it's nice to be back here, pasensya na, i've been really busy.

fiftypushing said...

Just read all your posts on your hols! What a great time you have had. I can't imagine taking so many photos !! I think about 50 is my maximum for a two week holiday. They do look great on your blog! Love your blog!

Z'riz said...

wow! that looks yummy!

btw please join my daily drops ring...I would be dropping by AND commenting to your posts daily or as often as I can. I'm making this ring because I do love reading your posts and commenting but it is just so hard to follow through even when I have you on my reader. Hope you would join. Thanks! Click here for the link.

Mariz said...

@ blessedmom: lutong pinoy is one of kind kse talaga, right? kakagutom!

@liza: naku love ko talaga halo-halo, ultimate pinoy dessert at ayan. nice to see you here again dear.

@ fiftypushing: yup, we had a blast! the tons of photos we took only goes to show how ecstatic we were about this holiday. thanks for always dropping by and commenting here friend!

@z'riz: yum, yum talaga! have just joined your daily drops ring dear...

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