Hong Kong Highlights - Part 2

Hi guys! Let me continue sharing with you my recent Hong Kong adventure together with my family.

Day 3 of our trip was as fun and as exciting as our second day in HK. We had planned to go to Disneyland on that day but were quite unsure whether we'd still push through since it was still raining heavily that morning. While contemplating on whether to go or not, we've decided to just go to Central District at Hong Kong side to check out the shops there and do some more shopping in the morning.

By noontime, the weather cooperated with our plans and the sky cleared up, so off we go to Disneyland. The MTR train ride going there took about 30 minutes. At Sunny Bay station, we transferred to the Disney train going to the theme park. The Disney train was so cool! The window patterns were that of Mickey Mouse and there were golden statuettes of Disney characters as decors, even the train handles were "Mickey-shaped"

Cool Disney Train

Yeepeee, we've finally arrived at Disneyland, being my first-time here, I felt like the child in me wanted to break loose, run around and play, play, play! There were so much to see and do here, but the big crowd and the long queues for the rides and shows were a bit daunting. Nevertheless, we just walked around and since some of the shows run on simultaneous times, we just had to choose from some of it.

The kids in us wanted to break loose!

We enjoyed so much the Disney Waterworks Parade. Before the parade started, I missed hearing the part in the announcement which said if you were watching from the Non-Dry Zone and waive your hands at the Parade characters, you'll get wet! Out of excitement, mom and I kept waiving our hands... oh, so that explains why their water guns were targeted at us... hahaha... too late when we found out why, we were already so wet....but it was sooooo fun! That particular time, I was observing and enjoying not just the parade characters, I was also trying to take notice of the smiles and happiness I see at everyone's faces. Young and old, it's as if everyone was just having the best time of their lives, what a beautiful sight to see!

We got to watch The Lion King show which was amazing! We really enjoyed this one, the stage design, costumes, performances of the cast were terrific! I highly recommend that you see this one when you visit HK Disneyland, you'll definitely enjoy it like we did. After that, we continued strolling around, watched a 3D cartoon musical show, checked-out the shops, even took the Dumbo ride...hihi. We didn't get to cover all areas though, as the afternoon was just not enough. To complete our Disney experience, we waited until 8pm for the fireworks display at the Disney castle, wow! it was purely magical!!! -- that's the best way I can describe it. Enjoying the fireworks spectacle was the perfect way to end our day at Disneyland.

From top-left: Fabulous Lion King Show, Couldn't be happier to share this Disney experience w/ my loved-ones, My nephew Caleb enjoying hanging out w/the Disney characters, The crowd was enormous that day, Magical Disney Fireworks Display, Disney Waterworks Parade, Posing at the cool Disney shops, With Prince Caspian of The Chronicles of Narnia, Don't carry the weight of the world Ryan!

Last day of our holiday at HK came, and though we didn't want to leave yet, it was really time to go. Our flight was in the afternoon so we still had some time in the morning to do some last-minute shopping.

Ahhh, what a great holiday we had...short but really sweet, and the best part of it was having to share these happy times with my loved-ones.


JesuLalaine said...

wow!!!!!! I'm sure you had FUN!! wish we could experience Disney too..one of these days..:)

Mariz said...

@ jesulalaine: yup, we had a blast! i'm sure your family would enjoy it so much...go!

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