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Oh no! I'm beginning to see symptoms of a new addiction in me. Besides blogging, I'm starting to get hooked on watching Korean Dramas online... hihi! Ever since the "Korean Wave" hit the Philippines way back in the late 1990s, more and more people, not just Filipinos but even those in neighboring Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore have been smitten by the charm of Korean actors/actresses and the outstanding story lines of these Korean melodramas. Around that time though, I was not very much into Korean Dramas as I prefer watching full-length movies than following TV drama series, but I do like the fact that KDs are often fast paced and quite easy to follow. Some of the KDs I had the chance to see and liked were: Autumn In My Heart, Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven, Meteor Garden 1 & 2 (became very popular in the Philippines especially to teenagers), only managed to see a couple of episodes of Lovers in Paris (but I was told that it was really nice too) -- these were all dubbed in Pilipino.

I guess Korean Dramas really appeal to Asians because of the socio-cultural similarities noticeable in these dramas, some values and issues tackled in these telenovelas are very relatable to people of Asian descent. Another thing to note in these KDs is that the balance between humour and life's drama is presented so excellently (really funny when it comes to the humorous stuff, and on the other hand, really heart-breaking and tear-jerking when it comes to the dramatic moments), hence, any viewer could easily be lured to watching and be entertained by these shows.

I have just finished watching "Goong", also titled as Princess Hours/The Imperial Household/Palace in other countries, and I must say that this is one of the best I've seen so far. It was so funny, yet also so heart wrenching. Based on internet surveys, "Goong" was one of the best KDs ever produced. Although Pilipino dubbed KDs are nice, I have come to appreciate original KDs more (hearing the actors' actual voices with the English subtitles, it just seems better for me). This show was aired in the Philippines back in December 2006, but I never got to watch it as I was already in Malaysia that time. It was also aired in Malaysia, but dubbed in Mandarin (didn't even know this until now, won't be able to understand it anyways), so it's only now that I got to watch it. I really hope the producers would come up with a sequel having the original cast as all those who have seen it has been clamoring for this (there was a spin-off entitled "Goong S", but a lot of people say that it was not as nice as the original Goong).

If you have time to kill, you might find it interesting to watch Korean Dramas, but before you do so, make sure you have a box of tissue ready, Korean Dramas tend be tear-jerkers, and it will get to you even if you have the hardest of hearts, what more if you are a cry-baby like me.

Here are some sites where you can watch Korean Dramas online:



Pinay Jade said...

Hey there,
When I went to the Ph..I have seen a glimpse of the very popular korean dramas.I think I would get hooked too if I had the time;) Maybe next year!

aeirin said...

I love Princess Hours. I watched it on ABS, I bought a DVD and I watched it on youtube... Too much addition for Princess hours =)

Mariz said...

@ pinay jade: yeah, once you start watching, you can't stop anymore... really quite addicting. welcome back friend!

@ aerin: oh so you're also a member of the PH addicts club huh. i went back on my favorite scenes, i'm watching it again for the second time now...hehe. also got very curious about the lead stars - YEH and JJH.

pinaywife said...

i am a korean drama addict too.. lol! my faves are fullhouse/winter sonata/save the last dance/coffee prince/lovely kim sam soon..

lovers in paris is ok the ending was just lame though.

it started with a kiss (taiwan) is also nice.

www.soju.com has great selections too..

Anonymous said...

I also loved Princess hours. It is the second best asian drama I've seen. My absolute favourite is the Taiwanese drama "Prince turns into a frog." Honestly, you should watch it. There is no asian drama like it !!
BTW: Meteor garden is the taiwanese (?) version of "Hana yori dango" (japanese drama). I haven't seen Meteor garden but the original, "Hana yori dango" is also superbe !

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