PGMA's State of the Nation Address

I saw the replayed telecast of our Philippine President - Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's State of the Nation address yesterday. Basically, she enumerated all the successes and accomplishments of her administration, I suppose with the intention of giving encouragement to all and to let everyone know that much good has also been done by the government these past years. I am certain though that a lot of people are doubtful as to whether the general public has truly benefitted from the programs she claims to have been successfully delivered, nevertheless, it was still somewhat uplifting to hear that many things have been achieved somehow despite all the economic woes our country has faced in the recent years. And although I may not completely agree on some of our government's agendas (especially on issues concerning poverty and illiteracy), still I remain hopeful that things will turn around for our country for the better someday.

If there was one point I totally agreed on from what the President has emphasized, it was this -- that every Filipino must really DO HIS PART in helping our country to step up. I believe that only when every Filipino learns to practice discipline, contributes in his own way and be a responsible citizen; only when we learn to harness our nationalistic spirit, and stand on a strong will to improve our own standard of living...then, and only then, can we truly experience the liberating effects of the progress we desire for our nation.

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Z'riz said...

I totally agree sis...Usually Pinoy's are just ranting and raving over the current administration and yet they are apathetic! How can they expect the gov't to solve their problems when they won't even lift a finger to solve it themselves?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of selfish people encroaching themselves in the government which also adds to our economic problems.

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