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Hubby and I are not in any way afraid of heights, as a matter of fact, it is our dream to someday climb Mt. Apo, the tallest mountain in the Philippines (Mt. Everest seems to be quite an unrealistic aspiration for us at the moment...hihi). We love basking at spectacular views from the top, and good thing that during our trip, I managed to take some quick snapshots whenever we get the chance to be on any high ground.

On our flight to Davao, my aerial shots of spectacular views from the airplane window

Taken from Jack's Ridge (resto on top of a hill) at Davao City

Hong Kong Cityscape by night, taken from Victoria's Peak

So make sure that each time you travel, you have your camera ready, capturing beautiful sights like these should not be missed.


Z'riz said...

oh wow! nice shots! i can't remeber how the skyline of hong kong looks like...I was there waaay back in '98! lol

btw, i tagged you here

Deranged Insanity
Traipsey Turvey

maiylah said...

wonderful shots!
i agree wholeheartedly about bringing the camera ... :)

faeryrowan said...

Yes to bringing the camera when traveling! Hehe! I'm afraid of heights but I love mountain climbing. Hehehe! I've climbed Mt. Apo once when I was in college, and want to go back soon. =)

onyxx said...

love these pictures :). i have no problems with heights too, and they always offer a great vantage point

Mariz said...

@ z'riz: HK skyline is absolutely terrific! thanks for the rag, will check it out.

@ maiylah: yes, never go on holiday without a camera, it would be regretful if we couldn't capture our holiday great moments right.

@ faerywoman: galing naman, yan ang pangarap ko, bring me with you when you back to Mt. Apo...hehe!

@ onyxx: thanks! yup nothing beats shots taken from the top.

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