When gas prices go up, you ...

Almost everyday, we keep hearing about the problems on increasing gas prices in the news. All countries, whether those belonging to first-world or third-world are confronted with this insurmountable crisis. With the increase in oil prices comes the turmoil of facing increasing commodity prices as well. In the Philippines alone, fuel prices increase almost every week, and life gets harder and harder for everyone. Many people recommend solutions such as using bio-fuel or using hybrid/hydrogen-powered vehicles as alternative. These are good solutions, but getting this implemented can take a while. There is really no instant solution to this predicament. It's a huge problem and every person in his/her own little capacity must contribute to the solution, that is, to be more conscious in saving energy.

Let's stay positive and keep praying that this oil crisis will get resolved soon. Let your opinion be heard, you can join this conversation here:

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