Eco-friendly Reusable Grocery Bags

Nowadays, governments, NGOs, private companies and businesses are seeking more ways and means to create awareness about how to help protect our environment. A number of businesses have taken on this social responsibility by introducing eco-friendly products that are reusable and biodegradable. One such company is Cozy Homewares, they have a wide range of homeware products that are of high quality, very useful, practical and affordable to everyone. I particularly like their selection of reusable grocery bags made from strong cotton material -- it's expandable, of nice carrying size, very light-weight yet can carry much more weight compared to plastic bags, and since they're made of cotton, there's no worry about ripped bags! By using these natural, biodegradable, reusable bags, you would not only do yourself a favor, but more so, you would be contributing towards efforts to preserve our environment.


lorix5 said...

Hello Mariz! I like what you had to say about reusable bags, we are hoping that plastic bags will be banned here where i live. I have been using them for years(cotton bags), trying to set a good example for my kids!
thanks for sharing!

Mariz said...

@lorix5: it's great that groceries are now introducing this kind of bags as well, but sadly...only as an alternative. they still could not completely ban the plastics. i guess lawmakers really have to impose a law if they want to massively enforce "go green" efforts. thanks for the visit Lori!

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