Missed you all...

Hi guys! So sorry for the silence. My life has been quite hectic the past days. I've taken on a job and joined the workforce again, after a long while of just working from home. I'm back in the corporate world, started in the new job only last Thursday and it has been very exciting for me. It's like facing a new frontier again, the great thing about this new job is that it is just so challenging and it poses endless opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

But don't worry, I will NEVER abandon this blog as writing and being able to express myself have always been my passion, and I am looking at this venture into a new career as a way of broadening my horizons, that would only mean that I would have more experiences and more interesting stories to share with you in the future.


fiftypushing said...

Good luck! It's a big step to take - lucky you have the confidence.

JesuLalaine said...

HI mariz! kaya pala.. I haven't seen you in a while na.. God bless in your new work!!

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