New Family

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm back in the workforce again, just recently joined a new company... a warm new family I should say. Sharing with you some photos of a colleague's b-day celebration. Happy Birthday, Mr. Maurice! We wish you all the best in everything and praying for more birthdays to come...Cheers!


Mommy Ruby said...

hello mariz, hope you have a great day!

i have a tag for you. hope you can play along. thanks!

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fiftypushing said...

OOh, I thought people only worked in cublicles like this in movies! Good luck in your new job.

Mariz said...

@ mommy ruby: thanks will check that out

@ fiftypushing: i must say the cubicles are quite old fashioned, hihi. thanks for wishing me well!

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