Olympic Village: Comfortable Accommodation For Athletes

I've always been curious about how the housing accommodation of the Olympic athletes looks like. A few Olympic participants such as sports superstars Roger Federer and the U.S. Basketball Dream Team opted to stay at Beijing 5-star hotels nearby instead. I suppose they have just been so used to very luxurious accommodation. Well, let's just respect their decision, but whatever reasons they have, and if I were in their position, nothing would be comparable and of more value than being able make friends with other great athletes from around the world. After all, it isn't everyday that you get the opportunity to mingle and build camaraderie with other equally talented world-class athletes. Anyways, here are some photos of the Olympic Village:

Athletes' Dormitories

Athlete's Room

Dining Hall

Fitness Center

Internet Bar



Prayer rooms for Christians, Catholics, Muslims and Hindus are provided as well

There are 42 buildings in the village. Athlete dormitories are permanent buildings that are six to nine floors high. The village has 9,000 rooms and can accommodate about 17,000 people at the same time. According to official data, about 16,000 people are staying at the Village during the Beijing Games.

Judging from these photos, it seems that China has really given their best in providing "par excellence" accommodation they can provide to the athletes. Even members of the Olympic Committee have been quoted as saying that this by far is the best Olympic Village in the history of Olympics. According to news, the apartments of the Olympic Village will be transformed for residential use after the games.

Credits: Beijing 2008 Olympics Official Website, Getty Images


blessedmom said...

wow! thanks for sharing these pics. i was also curious..good thing u made a post about it..very informative! :)

fiftypushing said...

Thanks for these photos. I was also curious. We've just had a tour of Barcelona whose Olympic site is breathtakingly on top of a hill overlooking the city. (No polluteed air.) Most of the tour concentrated on the buildings and benefits gained by the experience of 1992. Hope China benefits the same.

Mariz said...

@ blessedmom: Thanks dear, I know that a lot of people share that same curiosity with me.

@ fiftypushing: Wow, I hope my hubby and I can go to Barcelona someday, we also want to see the Olympic venue in Athens, Greece. Beijing definitely exceeded everyone's expectations as far as the preparations are concerned, the opening ceremony was fascinating, the only saddening thing is that they couldn't do much about the smog - the air pollution, well this is already expected from a very industrialized city (lots of factories everywhere).

nice to see you here again dear!

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