Story Behind The Hamburger

Who doesn't love hamburgers? Although most people are aware that this fast food favorite is loaded with tons of calories, this well known fact doesn't seem to stop anyone from enjoying that big hamburger bite. I've always been a food history buff - it's interesting to know where, when and how the food we enjoy most came to existence, that being said, let me share with you a little trivia about how the hamburger came to be...

Contrary to popular belief, American fast food chains know nothing about what the original hamburgers looked or tasted like, and they were never served with a portion of fries either.

In fact, the first hamburgers were eaten in Hamburg at turn of the century. And just like their modern day relatives, they were messy affairs. They were simple sandwiches first eaten by the dockers -- a slab of cheap meat sitting on a slice of bread covered with some cheaply made sauce. And since cutlery was too much of an expense, they found that another slice of bread on the top helped in gulping down the hot snack during the frosty winter months. They became so popular that they were eaten by many of the passengers in the 3rd and 4th class cabins on the ships that left Hamburg for American shores. And when they were popularized by diners around New York and Chicago, the hamburger we know and love today was born.

Hmmm...why do I suddenly feel the craving to grab a burger bite now? Chow!

Credits: Explore Section, Gulf News


Felix Noir said...

Hey there! I nominated your blog for an award. Check out the rules at my blog,

Joanne said...

you make me crave with burgers right now...

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Gina said...

So the original burgers were not as fancy and 'sinful' as we know them now ha? =)

I'd pick the present day burgers anytime,hehehe.

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