“Any time a thought, a sentence, or paragraph inspires you, or opens up your thinking, you need to capture it like a butterfly in a net, and later, release it into your own field of consciousness.”
-Steve Chandler-

I particularly like visiting sites with a similar niche to mine, sites which provide its readers thought provoking and inspiring stories, quotes or ideas. A word in due season -- a right quote or idea seen at a right time, can turn the switch from "off" to "on". It can spark and bring ideas to life, it can impact us to get up on our feet and do something. I can personally attest to the power of words - whether spoken or written, I have experienced many times how I have found strength and encouragement from hearing it at the time I need it most. I have picked-up many practical and helpful tips and insights re-echoed by fellow bloggers from my browsing of sites.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to forget what is most important unless we find ways to remind ourselves. When you come across a gem of an idea, a nugget of wisdom or a life liberating quote or Bible verse that applies to you today, make sure to write it down, put in your screen saver or even hang it on the wall, so you can constantly be reminded of it. A positive thought can clear out the clutters on our minds and give us that needed push to help us and give us the courage to move forward.

Smile and have a great day! =)

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Melody said...

i used to do that. whenever i have thoughts or ideas or anything that I can think of, i immediately right it down..i even used to write every blessing that i received..and when I feel depressed i go back to my journal and feel encouraged again...but i have stopped doing that.. and today, i am challenged to do it again. thanks to you. :)

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