Billionaire Clinic

Ever heard of the Billionaire Clinic? Talk about recuperating in luxury. The Neo Vita clinic in Moscow's Rublyovka neighborhood offers a variety of treatments for both the mind and body, including psychoanalysis at $10,000 an hour. The clinic is equipped with surveillance cameras, a police post and also includes discreet side door for security and privacy. With caviar served to patients recovering from a blodd test, the clinic features multiple flat television screens, hallways illuminated by liquid-like jets of light to pamper not only the bodies, but "egos" and reputations of patients too.

The entire clinic can be reserved for $200,000 (my jaw just dropped!!).


Josh of Arabia said...

hi sister..hope ur ok.

kagulat naman to, dinaig ang gastos sa burj..:)

anyway, the billionaire and the pretending likes went here for prestige and for the record.



Jade said...

Jeez the things they come up nowadays is just ridiculous;)

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