Coolest Date Ever! - Dubai Ice Bar/Lounge (Chill Out Cafe)

One of the highlights of my recent birthday celebration was my experience at Dubai's first ever Ice Bar/Lounge called "Chill Out Cafe". I know that there are many ice bars all around the world, the concept may not be new (Chill Out is the 9th of its kind in the world), but the idea of having an ice bar in Dubai, UAE which is known for its dry and hot climate is just ironic and brilliant. In Dubai, the heat reaches about 50 degrees celsius outside (especially during summer), but the moment you step in at Chill Out Cafe, you get to experience a sub-zero environment (it's minus 6 degrees inside).

Opened on June 2007, it was reported that it took about 40,000 tons of ice to build the decor of this 730-square-meter restaurant. Every item was designed, carved and cut at a studio freezer at Iceculture Inc. in Canada and then shipped to Dubai. Diffused lighting, from low-heat LED bulbs, constantly changes colors as it filters through the ice blocks. Cocktails — which are nonalcoholic, to adhere to Muslim culture — are served in ice glasses that are later discarded. Chill Out is claimed to be the only ice restaurant in the world that serves food all year round. To prevent body heat from damaging the surface of the ice blocks, it has a maximum capacity of 45 visitors.

A cover charge of AED60 per person includes entrance to the place, thermal clothing (a designer parka with hood, one time use hand gloves, and protective footwear) plus a free mocktail drink.

Here are some of our snapshots at Chill Out Ice Cafe:

The walls, the bar, glasses, tables, chairs, decor items...everything was made out of ice.

The specially designed LED lights which does not melt the ice gives the place a very attractive look. The colors of the lights change every few minutes to set different moods.

Sheepskin rugs cover the seats for the diners’ comfort.

The ice used in Chill Out is made by a special process so that it is crystal clear with no opaqueness providing a pristine look to the entire lounge.

To somehow beat the chill, my husband and I ordered Arabian Lentil Soup which we hurriedly consumed so it won't get cold.

The decorative pieces sculpted from crystal clear ice were fantastic. Other ice features at Chill Out include a seven feet high chandelier, ice curtains, a coloured ice portrait of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the skyline of Dubai, some coloured ice paintings on the wall and other interesting ice sculptures (like that of a camel at the entrance).

Located at Times Square mall, between the 3rd and 4th interchange on Shaikh Zayed Road

If you ever get to visit Dubai, make sure to check out this "cool" place.


atenean101 said...

Wow! It sure is... So coooool! Haha. It`s actually my first time to have seen a picture of a ice bar or lounge, and it`s amazing. Wish I`d be able to dine in such bar too.. wahaha, kakainggit.

Lalaine said...

Wow!!.. Thanks for posting more pics about this cool place.. it's really unique!

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Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

neat place

Gina said...

That is one cool birthday date!

Ang ganda naman ng lugar.

The first time I saw something similar to that place is in a James Bond movie- hotel naman yun.

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