Hilarious Movie: Going By The Book

I've been watching a lot of Korean Dramas lately, and as most people know, a lot of these K-dramas are really tearjerkers. The feeling of weariness gets on me at times after watching sad dramas, so I searched for a funny Korean movie instead for a change. From some reviews I've read, this comedy movie - "Going By The Book" were highly recommended and top-rated, so I looked it up at Crunchyroll and watched it. Whoa, it was hilarious, this movie was really funny and really cracked me up. Recalling some of the scenes still makes me laugh! If you don't mind watching movies with English subtitles, this is a must-see.. it's very entertaining guys! You'll laugh out loud for sure...

Here's the synopsis:

Recent rises in the number of bank robbery cases are driving the citizens of Sampo into panic. A newly appointed police chief (Son Byung Ho) is brought in to shed some light into the matter. Hoping to boost the unit's public image, but more so his own, the greedy chief conducts field training aimed at fighting crime. But he is in for the biggest ridicule of his life! Taking the role of a mock bank robber is Jung Do Man (Jung Jae Young), a low-ranked traffic officer who believes in putting out his best on any given task, be it directing traffic or playing a robber for the in-house drill. While most of the team are looking to skate over the dreadful training, Do Man takes his role to a professional level - so much so that a SWAT team has to be called in to bring the training to its end. While the entire nation cheers on this pretend criminal through a national broadcast, Do Man continues to perfect his role. After all, he's just Going By the Book!

To watch the movie, click on the movie poster/photo =)

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