Memorable Birthday

Yesterday, my ever so sweet husband took a day off from work just so he could be with me to celebrate my 36th birthday (oh no! reality has sunk in...I'm really getting old and there's no stopping it...anyways, what's important is I remain young at heart!)

The day began with beautiful flowers and a really mesmerizing gift, and as if these were not enough, hubby made sure that from breakfast till dinner and all that happens in between, everything will be a great treat. Before the day ended, he surprised me when he took me to hang out at Chill Out Ice Cafe (it was our first time here and it was a such unique and fun experience -- the entire cafe was made of ice and the temp inside was -6 degrees! we were so fond of the place that we literally did a photo shoot there...hihihi!, well, everyone who goes there does the same thing anyways). Make sure to check out my next post about this "cool" place.

Had power breakfast at Trinity Cafe, Lunch at Steam Sum Dimsum, went to my favorite mall - Festival City, had dinner at Biella Pizzeria Ristorante and chilled out at Chill Out Ice Cafe. What a full day!

Thanks Art, you're the BEST HUSBAND in the world! I'm so blessed to have you...


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

Happy birthday Mariz

Bahay BJ said...

Wow, that's really a big treat!

Belated Happy Birthday Mariz.
It's so inspiring to see couple sweet and loving.

anyways, you have just been tagged!

Please follow this link:

Have fun!!

Let's promote the awareness for women!

Pushhyarag said...


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Lalaine said...

Hi Mariz!! Belated Happy Birthday dearie!! Wow! you're truly blessed to have a wonderful family!!

Wow the ice place really look COOL!

Lalaine's World

Day to Day Miracles

From Asia and Beyond

Ivana said...

Happy Birthday mariz. What a lucky woman,hehehe. anyway, thx for visiting my
north sulawesi

faye said...

happy birthday mariz!
wish you all the best in life..
-one of this was your hubby,,,lol..

blessedmom said...

Happy birthday friend! You really are blessed with a sweet, thoughtful husband! :) You also deserve such special treatment. Take care! Enjoy! :)

Channelofhealing said...

Sorry Sis for not wishing you a happy birthday earlier on But all thesame wish you a bleesed life in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

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