Funny Babies

Hey guys! Just want to make you laugh today...

If your boss comes to you and says:
"There will be NO salary increases this year...there are NO bonuses either...all overtime have been CANCELLED...NO expenses will be paid...and there will be no additional healthcare!"

What will your reaction be?

...and if he will not listen and pity you, will you cry like this?

...but just a friendly word of advice...whatever happens, NEVER EVER resort to doing this:



Melody said...

hahaha...funny are just so innocent..:)

Gigi said...

Hahahaha... SOOO cute and funny pics... I have some pics of my son in a similar state of crankiness :)

ev said... cute they are!:)

Joy-Anne said...

hahaha...the pictures look so cute.

Umma said...

What a cute funny picture of the kids.. HAHAHA... I posted some of the pictures too long time ago.

Keep posting sis.

chubskulit said...

hahaha hilarious, I specifically love the ffirst and last one lol...

misty said...

I definitely crack out loud in here lol...

Pls visit me sometimes when u have time..

Arabian Josh said...

hi sister..nangungumsta lang po ng mabilis..

ang cute naman ng mga babies..hehe :)

katuwa na nakkaawa.

Maus said...

ahhaha nalashinggggggggggg si baby!!!

mommy elvz said...

Funny pics! nawala antok ko hehe ^-^

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