Winter is coming...

I was out earlier walking around to look for a dress to buy for hubby's company annual dinner, our house is conveniently located in a commercial district and there are many shops and a big mall just nearby, so I always find walking around our area quite enjoyable as there are many things to see along the way.

Wheew! the wind nowadays is getting stronger and cooler. There was even a very bad sandstorm earlier, an overcast of dusty winds covered the cityscape, you could harldy see the tall buildings. I had to take heed in one of the malls and let it pass. Sandstorms like this and the strong breeze at this time are indications that winter is about to set in. Winter in Dubai (yes, there's winter in Dubai, I also didn't know that before coming here!) is a much anticipated season here. Lots of tourists, mostly from Europe, come around this season too because of the nice weather and more importantly to enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival which kicks off during that time...that's tax free shopping galore for everyone!

Woohooo...I'm excited to bring out my winter clothing. Although it' doesn't snow here and the winter temp doesn't reach sub-zero at all unlike in other countries (only as low as 10 degrees celcius), nevertheless, everybody in Dubai looks forward to the change in the climate -- it's a great break from the usual hot and dry weather in this part of the Arab region.

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