Gary V: A Truly Inspiring Artist

Last week, my husband and I, together with some friends really had a great time watching Gary Valenciano's concert staged here in Dubai. The place was jam packed with people, all excited to see and hear "Mr. Pure Energy" (as he is fondly called) perform his hit songs. This concert was actually a part of his world concert tour in celebration of his 25 years in the music industry. Everyone had a great time at the concert, the crowd cheered, sang and danced along with Gary V, and as expected, we all clamored for more and didn't want for it to end.

Both my husband and I are Gary V fans since time immemorial, we have a collection of almost all his CDs and have seen him performed many times in his past concerts, we love playing his songs over and over again as we never get tired of his amazing voice. But besides admiring his musical genius, what draws us (and many more of his fans) to him is his integrity as an artist and his great testimony as a Christian. He is considered an icon in the music industry, but for us, we see him more as a 'light and salt" to the world he is part of. Every time he performs, especially during concerts, he never fails to share with people the Good News and he always testifies of God's goodness in his life and how one can experience that same love and grace he has received from God. It is truly inspiring how he is able to use his talent and influence to give glory to God and draw people to Christ.

Here is one of latest songs from Gary V's new album - Rebirth, the song is entitled "Home", an interpretation of the The Prodigal Son. I just love this song!!! I was so touched and I cried when I heard this for the first time, I think anyone could relate so well with the song's message. (I don't think that Gary V has released an official music video yet for this single, so I am just embedding a fan-made MV from You Tube, credits to Ronzkyzer).

Listen and be blessed...

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