Strange Rains

It has been raining the past couple of days here, the mood outside is so gloomy and the clouds are so thick and dark...this is really odd! Why would I say it's odd? Well, I am in Dubai! This kind of weather is something so bizarre and unusual to people living here.

People hardly experience rain in this part of the world, normally it only rains about 2-3 times a year, at the most. And though it's winter time here now (the much anticipated break from the usual hot and dry climate), we did not expect rains to come with it. I guess these rainy days are an indication that it would get even cooler in the coming days. Last year it reached as low as 8 degrees celcius, I guess we ought to be prepared for very chilly days ahead, the only concern is everyone here are so used to the "WHEEEWs" (hot), and not the "BRRRRs" (cold).

Enjoy your day...

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Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

I love rain without lighting and thunders...

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