Hubby's Birthday Celebration

During my last birthday, my husband really took much of an effort to make it special, and so for his recent birthday I wanted to do the same thing as well. I originally planned on giving him a "king's treat" from breakfast till dinner and even take him to Wild Wadi Theme Park for a fun day out, but since he cannot take the day off, we had to make adjustments on the plans.

Days before his big day, I have been researching on some really nice places where I could possibly take him to dinner, and since my hubby is just hooked on photography, I was hoping on bringing him to a place with a scenic view so he could have twice the fun of enjoying a great dinner while snapping away with great shots he could take. Having this in mind, I found just the right place that would fit the criteria. I brought him to Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, and it was a pleasant surprise for him. Together with a friend, we enjoyed al fresco dinner at The Boardwalk, one of the four restaurants inside Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, the restaurant provided great view of the Dubai Creek, and the breeze (brrrrr! it was quite cold that night) was very refreshing. We enjoyed the food and took a stroll inside the huge place, honestly speaking, we literally had a photo shoot at the clubhouse! The view from the top level of the clubhouse was really breath taking. We went home happily (very late too) with a lot of nice photos and much more with sweet memories of the great time we had there.

The celebration continued as the next day, I took him to a Chines resto near our place. This is something not to be missed as he loves Chinese food, a quart of our favorite Baskin & Robbins ice cream flavor was the instant solution for dessert (awwww! this doesn't help my diet at all!)

A post-birthday party to celebrate with our cell groupmates soon followed after a few days, and we again had a wonderful time as expected.

Art...looking forward to many more happy days like these! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

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