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I love photos, but I love taking photos more. Being able to capture with my lens that "Kodak moment" -- the essence, the beauty and the emotions that transcend from a subject is something that truly amazes me. This passion for photography is something I share with my husband, but frankly speaking, he is more diligent in learning the rules, principles and technicalities of things than I do, that passion even drives him to wake up as early as 5 o'clock in the morning just to take a walk around our vicinity, practice and take interesting shots.

Ahhh, there's still a lot more I need to learn to advance my skills and become a better photographer, as such I will be catching up on my readings on the photography books I bought for hubby and practice more. Perhaps one of these days, I'll even start a photo blog to share with you some photos we have already taken. (Under my Skywatch Friday and Photography categories here, you can also check out some of them).

Just a quick and important tip... keep that camera clicking, take a snapshot of anything that you find interesting, as you do this, you'll improve your confidence and get better and better in this hobby, the only downside of this is --you might use up all the memory of your PC just like what we've experienced lately. Consequently, we had to buy an external hard drive just so we can have more room for storage, hmm...which reminds me... I also need to research for free online storage/hosting for the thousands of photos we have been taking. Got to google now!


FickleMinded said...

ako rin, i love taking pictures, kakabili ko pa nga lang ng 2nd digicam ko hopefull to make more nice pictures, btw, i have an Award for you, maybe you didn't know na your blog is on my EC fav list. :)

Mariz said...

@ FickleMinded: yup, ang sarap talaga kumuha ng pictures, i hope you'll capture great shots w/ your new didgicam. thanks for the award, will post that one of these days. you're also on my blogroll na rin. God bless!

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