New Year Escapades

Wheeew! The holidays flew by so fast, but it left a lot of good memories of all the great times we've had during the past couple of days.

On New Year's day, my husband and I, together with some friends enjoyed a nice and full day out. First stop: we went to Jumeirah open beach at Umm Suquiem early morning to get a close look and have our nice photos taken with the Burj Al Arab Hotel (the only-7-star hotel in the world, take note!) as the background. Even just the exterior of this hotel is really beautiful, especially up close, we had some really cool shots taken here.

Next stop: Souk Madinat at Jumeirah. This is a commercial shopping complex (arabian old market-style). Besides shops that sell interesting arabian souvenirs/textiles, it also has a row of good restaurants as this sprawling complex is connected to hotels and within a short walking distance from Burj Al Arab.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

After walking around at Souk Madinat, our tummies are calling for good eats so off we go to Dubai Mall. This mall is located at Burj Dubai complex. Built as the biggest mall is the world (to have 2,000+ shops when fully completed), this mall also features Dubai Aquarium where shoppers can bask at the vast number of aquamarine life (lovely coral reef, sharks, different sorts of fish, etc.) in the middle of the shopping mall. Just outside the mall are top hotels, cafes/restos and shopping souks ("souk" by the way is arabic for market. The Burj Dubai - tallest building in the world can be seen at close range from Dubai Mall and from the sprawling complex just outside the mall.

Hmmm...more than just strolling, our day out felt more like a photo shoot caravan after visiting these top tourist spot favorites. I won't tell you anymore exactly how many photos we took along the way as you may just get shocked from finding out. This new year escapades was really a lot of fun!!! What an awesome way to start the new year...

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