Sand of Promise

A new scientific breakthrough has been making headlines in the Gulf Region as this milestone could very well halt desertification and turn the arid deserts of the UAE into lush greenery.

Emirati Engineer Fahd Mohammad Saeed Hareb and his family's company - DIME Hydrophobic Materials, with joint efforts from German scientist Helmut F. Schulze have developed this waterproof sand, technically called hydrophobic sand - a nanotechnology wonder they have developed for seven years.

By simply laying down a 10-centimetre blanket of DIME Hydrophobic Materials sand beneath typical desert topsoils, the new super sand stops water below the roots level of the plants and maintains a water table, giving greenery a constant water supply.

By comparison, when regular desert sand lies beneath, water bleeds endlessly downward leaving roots dry until the next watering.

With new hydrophobic sand in place, traditional watering of desert plants five or six times a day can be reduced to one watering, saving 75 per cent more water, a precious resource that is dwindling across the Arab Peninsula. Al Ain’s UAE University is currently using the sand to see if rice can be successfully grown in desert conditions and the trials are still pending.

This is really great news for the UAE as this technology's success could bring more prosperity for the Gulf countries, it could serve as another solid fall back for Dubai besides the tourism they are trying to boost, as oil becomes more and more scarce in the passing of years.

Credits: Xpress News

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

This sand sounds amazing. Let's hope it really works!

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