Winter All Year Round

When you think of Dubai, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?...oil ... skycrapers... gold... The Burj... how about this - hot and dry! Yup, winter is out and summer is rolling in, I can still clearly remember the day I first stepped foot on Dubai, it was October then (not even the peak of summer), I arrived around 1 o'clock in the morning, and as soon as I came out from the very cool airport, my sweat started to roll down from all over... it was super hot and it was 1am, quite unbelievable but didn't shock me at all, as my hubby has already told me what to expect.

During the summer months here, you'll dread going out. And so to give some consolation to the tourists and locals who would like to experience and enjoy winter all year round, some really "cool" places have been established to give that sheer winter joy - Ski Dubai and Chill Out Cafe.

I posted photos of these two chilly places at my photo blog - Mix Pix, click HERE to see that post.

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