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Hubby and I are among those who watch American Idol consistently, since we enjoy seeing fresh young talents about to be discovered. Throughout this season, our top favorite has been Adam Lambert, next to him we like Kris Allen. So having both of these guys in the finale was really exhilarating to see.

American Idol had certainly put out their best in the finale show (the AI crowning was way better than the top 2 performance show though), the coronation show was fantastic! We were simply blown away with the the performances from the guest artists and their stints with the contestants. It was indeed the best finale show out of all the 8 seasons.

We had high hopes for Adam Lambert to win, as he is the most talented among the pack, and most deserving of the title (in my opinion, he is even the best contestant to step foot on Idol stage, he's a total entertainer). Week after week, Adam wowed the audiences with his unique and brilliant performances. People just couldn't get enough of him and everyone, especially the judges, are always excited to see what he is going to do next on the show since he always surprises audiences with great renditions.

But when the moment of truth arrived, like the millions of disheartened Adam Lambert fans out there, we were shocked with the results! Like everyone else, we were expecting Adam to take home the title, but sadly that didn't happen. And although Kris Allen was also an outstanding contestant (and a very nice and humble guy I must add), Adam was obviously the perfect fit for the crown - his vocal skills, stage presence and star charisma have definitely earned him the attention which outshadowed the other contestants. Nevertheless, despite this biggest "AI upset", Adam is surely guaranteed of a huge career ahead, this fact we can definitely see to be crystal clear.

Sad as it may be, things like this happen for a reason. Perhaps Kris needed the title more to propel his career, while Adam can survive and still shine even without a title. But what's truly amazing to note is that Kris and Adam have both been so humble and gracious in their victory/defeat. In their post-Idol appearances and interviews, you can see the love and respect they have for each other, their genuine friendship emanates, which only proves the point that although much has been said (many controversies arise) about Kris' win or Adam's loss, these two have remained to be good and true gentlemen and very sincere people. Here's a video to show this...

Bottomline in all these is - what's most important is that their talents have been showcased for the world to see and enjoy, and we'll look forward for more of what they can offer.

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