Oh my! What a slip-up! I just realized that my blog has already turned 1-year old just last week (May 20th) and have completely forgotten about it. Well, it's never too late to write a post and celebrate...

Wow, my blog journey this past year has been exciting! I can still clearly remember that day I created this blog where I didn't know exactly where to start and what to write. All I knew that time was that I want my little voice to be heard somehow, broaden my reach and make new friends through this experience.

There were days when I couldn't contain myself in sharing what I have in mind and keep posting away like crazy, and there were also those extremely busy (or lazy) days where keeping the blog updated is a struggle. But overall, my blogging experience has been so fun and enjoyable -- I have learned a lot of things (from HTML to blog promotion), met a lot of people along the way, and have been motivated by the great feedback and very encouraging comments I get from friends and even from complete strangers who drop by.

This blog also opened the way for me to create another blog, one which I share with my hubby and focuses only on photography which is our shared passion. The direction for this blog became much clearer when I decided that Reflections by Mariz will serve mainly and specifically only as a podium for my musings and views, while Mix Pix - my other blog, will be a photo gallery.

This past year wouldn't have been so wonderful if not for everyone who took the effort to visit this blog, and some even leave their mark by commenting/dropping a note at the chat box which I tremendously appreciate, and even more special thanks to those subscribing to this blog -- you guys are the best!

Thank you so soooo much
to everyone for making this home warmer with you visit, readership, love and support! Most importantly, thank you LORD for seeing me through this past year and making this experience possible.

More years to come for this blog!!!! Woohooooo!!!! myspace graphic comments


Chris said...

happy anniversary!

BIO said...

I would also feel the same sentiment that you have regarding the difficulty of containing the emotions to share online. Happy anniversary to Reflections!

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